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I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t put too much time into Vine, Instagram and sharing images on social media. I want to, but it’s just so much easier to provide a tip via text than it is to grab a graphic, do some design, and share something that is just as meaningful, but gets a ton more attention. I wind up taking photos and video of my dog Gambino instead… my followers love those!

I hope to change that this year. I really want to focus our strategies and align them across all of our media channels much better. Even if it’s simply using my camera to take a photo of the featured image of a blog post I’m sharing, I’m sure it can get much more reach than a selfie… or a doggie. And it’s more relevant to our brand and the content we’re doing such a great job with. The tips in this infographic will help!

Today’s consumers work on a lightning fast attention span that sometimes even Facebook can not keep up with. This is why Instagram is skyrocketing in popularity. What many have in the past thought of as only a photo sharing site, has now become a great social media marketing tool that can create real bottom line results for your brand. Issa Asad

Accompanying the infographic, Issa Asad is offering a full ebook Instant Profits with Instagram downloadable now for free.

How to Get Your Instagram Channel off the Ground

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